April 7, 2014

A few years ago my mom and I talked about investing in a Vitamix. The blenders that do everything including juicing.  My mom was convinced we could make juices the same way with a normal blender. So we tried the juice recipe and the taste of that crazy green thing changed my mind about having a juicer. No way was I going to do that.

And here I am, a few years later, writing to you about my 2 day juice detox.

I've been pretty hard on my stomach lately (long back story, but pretty much (in my man's words) whatever looks tasty will make me sick to my stomach). I decided I would try a cleanse to restart the system. I also wanted to see what all the hype was about the juicing thing. I will be honest, I did chicken out because you are suppose to do a 3 day cleanse. But here are my thoughts on the 2 (3) day detox.

1. Be ready to spend: I knew it was going to be a financial commitment. Loading up the shopping cart with all first and veggies unloads your wallet fast.
2. Be ready to work: I have a Nutribullet. I will never speak bad about that thing. It's done wonders for me. But, it's not a juicer, so getting the juices from the blended ingredients takes more time than expected. Aaron and I spent Saturday afternoon juicing. But it was more convenient to drink the juice already made.
3. You actually have energy: Saturday was a little rough. But I'll be honest, I think that was the lack of caffeine. Before starting the detox you have to get rid of all caffeine 2 day beforehand. That was so, like embarrassingly, hard for me.  But, once I got past that, I felt like I had real energy. Sunday I felt prime even though my stomach was growling.
4. Expect to use the bathroom a lot: I know that's probably TMI, but between juicing it was important to drink tons of water. And I found myself really thirsty. Between the extra water and the juices I was finding the bathroom a lot!
5. It's amazing what the body can do: I felt some weird pains, but I'm hoping that's because the toxins were coming out.

Overall, the detox was an interesting experience. Even though I didn't do the full 3 days, I'm still proud of myself for doing something pretty out of the ordinary. I'm also thankful for 2 days without stomach aches. Once I got passed the pounding headache, nasty tasting juices, and empty wallet the detox was a pretty good idea. I'm more encouraged to get easier on my stomach now.

Final warning: every kind of food, the ones that your friends are enjoying, will look extremely delicious. Stay strong! Don't eat the offered bagel and cream cheese.

Incase you want to see what I followed check out the link: http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/joe-cross-3-day-weekend-juice-cleanse

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