March 2, 2014

I was sitting with my man yesterday, with a cup of coffee in hand, and casually watching Tv. The perfect way to spend a cold Saturday afternoon. I was rambling about the long week I had just been through, the ridiculous stuff I did for work and the highs and lows of the long days. 

Thinking back to the week, I was probably making it sound worse than it really was. It's no secret that I don't handle high stress thing very well. But, my man listened with all his might. And when I finished he said: Well, you conquered it (with a nice little nudge to go with it). The words came with little effort, with so much positiveness, and so much "you can do" attitude it made me felt like I just conquered the world. I don't even know if he knows how much that encouraged me. 

I sit here thinking back to his encouragement. The simple phrase reminded that sometimes someone can be encouraged by the smallest of things we do or say. It made me think of how encouragement lifts spirits and gives courage to conquer another work week. It also reminded me to not stop at taking it in but to also dish out the positive words to someone else. 

....................On a less thoughtful note...........................

I'm now sitting on my couch, watching the Oscars and all I can think is.... holy cow, those event planners have to go be on top of their game! I wonder how long they have been planning events. It is for sure not their first rodeo. 

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