March 22, 2014

I decided I would be fired if I was a full time blogger.

Yes blogging can be a profession.  For example Kendi Everyday post her #OOTD. And Lee from Fit Foodie Finds posts healthful meals and awesome pictures that make you want to eat everything she creates. These ladies do a great job of keeping her blog updated. But the time that goes into a short blog post is unreal. Coming up with new outfit ideas, shopping for the outfits, and taking/editing the pictures. Or shopping and cooking for the meals. Then, writing, editing, and creating visually appealing websites. Those are time commitments no doubt.

And then there is me. I think about blogging almost daily. But then when I sit down at the end of the day, Pinterest, wedding planning, or sleep usually get the best of me. I don't mean to neglect this little project I started years ago. The days go by so quickly and all of a sudden there are weeks between my post. Yup, I'd be fired.

I apologize to my faithful readers, who open the "My Dutch Story" tab and wait, hoping for a new post. I get the feeling, it's like Christmas. Waiting for the day when presents appear under the tree. You know they are coming, but the anticipation kills you. Then, you get to open the little box... and for a few moments you have the best. feeling. ever. Okay maybe thats a little dramatic, but it's still a great feeling when a new post has been written. Hang in there readers. I love writing and I love sharing my life. Don't neglect me, and I won't neglect you.

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