March 24, 2014

Every feel like you are constantly plugged in? With the phone, music, TV, or radio? My job requires me to be on the computer and phone all day. I'm surprised how exhausting it can be. My man and I often turn off the radio when we are driving together. It's actually pretty nice not having noise interfere with our conversation.

I took to that habit the other day while driving home from work. My window was cracked just a little, and I was stopped at a red light. I heard so many different noises, including car engines, sirens, and birds chirping. It seemed like outside noises and even my thoughts were more defined. I sat there wondering where all these people were going. So many cars, so many people, with different stories, driving back and forth. I noticed some people were laughing with a passenger, singing along to the radio, or talking on the phone. It blows my mind, that all these people were created in God's image. It also made me a little nervous. Do these people know Him? Do they have someone in their life witnessing to them? It was a good reminder, that there are so many things that can interfere with communication with others. Maybe, if we put the phone away at the store, shut the computer at the coffee shop or just listened to others, we could be more aware of how to impact the strangers around us.  We could become people aware of our surroundings and be more aware of how our actions reflect Him.

(I may have mentioned this book before. But, it you would like a great read check out Todd Gitlin: Media Unlimited. He provides such a great perspective of what the constant flow of media is doing to our culture).

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