March 26, 2014


My man turned 22 this month. Unfortunately, he was in Arizona, while I was in Illinois. But, I was still determined to celebrate him. While he's not a huge fan of birthdays, I figured it was the one time of the year I get to spoil him.

We check out Solemn Oath Brewery, in Naperville, Illinois. The craft brewing industry has struck a lot of interest in him lately. I was disappointed when I found out they didn't do tours, but I emailed them anyways. Thankful, a super cool gal agreed to showing us "a peek in the back". Little did I know, or expect, we got a full on tour. Half the things she was saying was going over my head, but I think Aaron understood it. So that made me happy. Here are a few reasons why this place was so cool:

  • They only serve beer: But, you can bring in your own food, or buy dinner from the food truck parked right in front of their warehouse. 
  • Yup, warehouse. They brewery is located in an oddly located, almost secretive, place. And about a quarter of the warehouse is their Taproom. Where barrels are used as tables, and all their beers on tap. Such a cool design. 
  • The employees know their stuff. The gal who gave us the tour, truly loved her job, was passionate about the company, and was willing to share her knowledge with us. 
If you're ever in Naperville, check them out. If you don't ever go out there it's: so worth the drive. 

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