February 20, 2014

I remember sitting there, in a room full of excitement, nerves, and Spanish speaking adults. I was doing my best to hide my insecurities of only understanding 2% of the conversation around me. I listened to the my English speaking classmates, and tried to not be antsy about the next 6 weeks in front of me.

I spent the whole day worrying about where I would live, how long it would take to get to school, and if I would be able to communicate. I did my best to pack light and bring the most important things, of my already limited options. I had another month of change infront of me, and I wasn't so confident in my ability to conquer it. But I was hopeful. Hopeful that I would be paired with two people ready to take me in, and be immersed further into the Ecuadorian culture.  

The scene above describes the day we, myself and my study abroad classmates, moved out of our school houses and moved in with our Ecuadorian families. I rememeber my host dad giving me a huge hug, and my host mom trying to speak her best English. 

I had the best experience with my host parents. They were wonderful people who loved each other and others and demonstrated that through their actions. I  think Carlita learned more English than I did Spanish, but she treated me so well. And she did her best with the language barrker. I don't know if they have kids now, but I know they would make great parents. 

Looking back I could've been a little less nervous and worryful. But, that little snippet shows my thought pattern. While I am continually worrying about something, it always, always, turns out good. It's amazing, I haven't learned that yet. 

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