February 15, 2014

Working alone in an office has it pros and cons. 

  1. No one counts how many times you do your hair the same. Or better yet, no one judges it for not being done! 
  2. No one steals your food from the fridge. 
However, it is incredibly hard to stay motivated all day. I never realized how much having other people around encouraged focused. Typically, I would think others would distract me. Every once and a while TPUSA graphic designer comes into the office. I get significantly more work done when he is in the office. 

It's a daily struggle to stay motivated on my tasks. I try and take quick breaks between each task to give myself a mental break. But, while I am emailing with my co-workers all day, it seems that I am working  on this massive project alone. 

That's when I go back to what I've been taught all my life. Integrity. While it's hard to be motivated for an 8 hour work day it's harder leaving work knowing I didn't work my hardest. I know I'm only capable of doing so much and it bothers me when I cannot get them all done. Whether or not those tasks get done I want to leave work confidently that I gave my best to the conquered tasks. 

I am still learning how to manage this work life. I do feel like I'm getting better at enjoying the evenings doing things I like. I also appreciate sleeping in and slow Saturday morning a lot more! 

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