February 6, 2014

win some. loose some.

I had a lot of wins today

For example: I had left over dinner for lunch. I made chicken penne for dinner last night, and I think it was better the second time .

Second win: I had an interview downtown with LK Events. I made it downtown on time, and had a great interview.

Third win: Spontaneous take out Chinese date with my fiancé. Yum.

But, with all those wins I had some pretty low lows. Like so low I saw the ground low.

Not once, but twice I slipped and fell on my hip and elbow. Currently, I can feel my hip swelling and my shin throbbing. But, hey, at least I had a delicious cupcake to make me feel (somewhat) better.
Go ahead, I give you permission to laugh, I would've laughed too if I was with someone.

Overall- I think the wins out weigh the lost. I think the lost keep me grounded. (Pun-inteded).

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