February 9, 2014

For Christmas this year I asked for grocery's. I kid you not. While I got some pretty great gifts, grocery's weren't among them.

Don't worry, this story has a happy ending. For my birthday,  my mom took me to Wholefoods this weekend for A. Lunch. B. Grocery's. C. Samples (although that wasn't on my mom's agenda).

So so great. I am incredibly thankful for a mother who is willing to travel to IL for a short weekend visit. I couldn't have made it out of my bridal appointment in one piece without her. Imagine one of the wedding shows where the bride almost has a break down because something is wrong with her dress. Yup, that was pretty much me on Saturday. There was a huge miscommunication, and I almost freaked out, but thankfully my mom had her head still in the game and was able to calm me down while fixing the problem (hello- best mom award). Also, award goes to her for helping me eat a box of cookies.

We also braved Winterfest at Lake Katherine in 10 degree weather and snow. Thanks to the fiancé's internship we scored free tickets!

It wouldn't be a birthday weekend without some tasty shakes from Portillos. Aaron had to get a chocolate cake shake. Mom couldn't handle the idea of a cake inside a shake. I myself like them separate as well.

We (as in Thys, mom, Aaron and I) also enjoyed a tasty dinner at Tribes Alehouse. Anyone in the Orland or Tinley area, I'd suggest this place. Super tasty burgers, with a great selection of beer.

I even got to stay at the hotel with her. That means- my favorite thing at hotels: Ordering a movie in. So thankful for the change of pace this weekend brought. It's always fun to mix up the weekend with different activities.

And, oh, Aaron and I even tried fixing my car. We make a good (looking) team.

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