February 4, 2014

What's in your bag?

When I read about doing this type of post, I thought to myself: Well- I don't have anything cool in my purse, but I sure do use it Every. Single. Day. The thing is like a brick. If someone were to attack me, I'd just throw the purse at them. No doubt, it'd knock them out.

But, I figured to you it might be a little interesting: so here it is.

Water bottle. The one of the two I carry around all day.

Granola bar and cut apples. I think this day I went out to lunch. Normally, these two items would be in my lunch bag.

Black gloves: My man gave these to me. He said his mom never wore them. And since she moved to Arizona, I don't feel bad for wearing them. And, they are so so warm. I'm very grateful for these little guys.

Compact mirror: A foreign exchange student (in high school) gave me it. He was from China (I believe).  It's actually not very useful.

Blue binder: Megan gave me the planner after I got engaged. It's got a lot of wedding notes and grocery lists in it.


Lotion: While the gloves are great, I am constantly putting on lotion during the day. My hands look pretty gross regardless but it helps a little.

Menu: To Blissful Banana, in Orland Park. I went there with a friend the other night. It was tasty, and they served banana ice cream. Which I am a huge fan of.

Pepper Spray: I'd actually would prefer to use the pepper spray if someone was attacking me. Can you guess who gave me this?! (hint, someone who likes to protect me)

Wallet: My mom sent me this wallet during the summer, last year. I have always been a fan of Fossil. They make quality products and always seem to be coming up with new designs.

Five dollars: My lunch money. Paid for by graduation money!

Lip gloss: Kay gave this to me in a Thank you package. (First off, how great of an idea, a thank you package) Secondly, this is the best lip gloss I've ever used. Make sense because I love Melaleuca's chap stick.

Stationary: My intentions were to send the card out on Monday. But, it's still sitting in my purse, blank. (Work's been busy this week- sorry friend!).

What's missing. Hm. My computer. I was using it at the time I took the picture- but I carry my laptop back and forth every day. Which is why it's so heavy. It fits perfectly though. Nice and snug.

And the purse. I'll be sure to get a picture of it tomorrow. My mom gave the purse to me for graduation. She says my outfits look like kendieveryday.com but then my backpack ruined the outfit. At least she fixed the problem!

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