January 4, 2014

A look back

2013 proved to be a good year for me. I never could have imagined it would shape up the way it did. But, I'm so thankful for all the highs and lows it brought me. Here's a look back:

I created new friendships and deepened others during my trip it Italy. Exploring Florence, Rome, and Venice with Trinity folks may have been one of my favorite memories from Trinity. 

Turing 21, and not just so I could part hard. Because let's face it I can only handle one drink. But because I was able to celebrate with my family and friends. 

March: Sarah's 21st. The girl thought she was going to plan her own birthday party. Hm. The event planner in me wasn't thrilled about that. Planning for her special day was a lot of fun. Plus, seeing the girl in her glory-friends and being artsy. 

Starting a new chapter with my man. But, also getting to celebrate with him acceptance into OCS. Both of those things happened on April 9. 

Moving into Apt 11-1D. And the pride that came with having my own place. 
 And running my verst best half marathon with my favorite ladies.
Probably the toughest month of 2013, but thankful Megan was with me every step of the way. Our Tuesday adventures got me through the week. 

Having my man back! And the weddings I got to be his date for. 

And of course being a nanny to these crazy kids:

The success of Chicago Project. Being the Community Life Coordinator for this event was such a good experience. It was a lot of work but I learned  a lot about organizing a function for over 200 people. 
September:...... (Thinking about that one still). 

Run for Zane. Having the opportunity to plan an event for Zane and his family was so rewarding. I loved seeing the support his community gave. I also discovered my passion for planning races. I hope to someday get back at that. 

My father's visit to Il. Although he really came out to celebrate my brother's birthday I got some quality time with him. I carry the encouragement and wisdom he shared with me so close to my heart. If I have haven't convinced you yet that great things happen over breakfast this is another good example. Fill up that coffee cup, ask questions, and listen. 

Hard to narrow down to 1 highlight. Because this month may have been the biggest one of my life so far.
Getting a job at Turning Point USA.

Graduating with a B.A. in Communications Art from Trinity. And sharing graduation with my bro. 
Being engaged to my best friend, and love of my life. 

Thanks 2013 for all the memories. Can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for me   

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