December 31, 2013


Christmas break was pretty great. You might be thinking, "well duh- you got engaged" but it was a memorable one even before that happened. 

I wanted to live up every moment possible. Here's a highlight for each day:

Monday: While we tried our best to live up Monday, our 6am flight sort of put a damper on it. It was so great to be with all the Van Hofwegen's at Grandma's Christmas. Even though it was overwhelming I enjoyed seeing so much joy on Grandma's face. 

Tuesday: Outdoor movie with Kay and Chip after our traditional Christmas Eve dinner with Angel's family 
The one time of the year we get a photo
of the four of us. 

Wednesday: Building Gingerbread houses with Dad and Aaron. 
Thursday: (this is hard). Okay let's be real. Our engagement. But our day trip
To Tuscon has so many untold stories. So please ask me about it! So much fun. 
Friday: The Vig with my siblings. 
Saturday: morning breakfast with the girls 
And sharing a sweet moment with Grandma. 

So overall. I'd say it was a great Christmas. So much good family time. Time that I will treasure for so long. And so thankful my family welcomes my man with so much excitement. 

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