November 14, 2013

Shucks, I did it again. I don't like having a big time gap between posts but it always seems to happen.

While this post seems a little old- it might be a refresher for myself.  My mom gave me the idea to write about how our sermon was applicable to me. So- here is what I got from Sunday's sermon.

We started a new serious on worship. Why we worship and how we worship. This week we learned about prayer.

Well. Crud. I thought to myself. Here's a confession, important to my story, in the past my prayer life hasn't been all that steady. In the past I never really got the importance of it. I always thought that my prayers will insignificant to the big prayers going up to God. Probably ties into my lack of confidence thing I deal with a lot (but that's for another post some day).

My growth in prayer started with a conversation held in Panera last year. Since then I've been able to pray with confidence. Sometimes, though I loose touch of why I pray. Sunday's sermon was a reminder to why I pray. It is at that time we can converse with the Lord. Like any other relationship, it's time to be together, to be in the presence of each other. Without that time, we loose a sense of each other. What bothers me the most about myself is the fact that when I don't get enough time with my friends or man I get frustrated. But, the level of frustration doesn't come about when I don't converse with my heavenly Father. Um... hello. That is a problem. I have observed a difference since my prayer life picked up. I have begun to realize that when I don't start my days in prayer I feel off. But, sometimes I go a while, falling out of that habit, and I am not as quick to fix it as I would be with earthly relationships. Sunday's sermon reminded me the importance of fixing the habit before falling to far out of the Lord's presence. Especially because when we pray we pray to an almighty God. A God who commands attention from the earth.

This week I've been trying to get into the habit of praying while running. I did that a lot while I trained for my half, and I truly miss it. For one, it makes the runs go faster, but also, that is 30 minutes I get to be with him, while glorifying him through a gift he has given me. What do I pray for, you may ask? Lately, it has been asking the Lord for peace. Peace about this chapter of life I'm in right now and peace about the next chapter coming soon. But, also, a lot of thankfulness for people in my life. People in my life who encourage me to enjoy every minute of this odd chapter.

-So there you are mamma dear. That is how the sermon was applicable to me.-

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