November 17, 2013

I cannot be more thankful for the conversations I've had in the past few days. After a brief visit from my dad I was left with a whole lot of encouragement.

We sat in Corner Bakery before I dropped him off at the airport. Maybe trying to waste some time, but regardless, I jumped on the opportunity of getting some words of wisdom (and let's be real- def got a second breakfast! yum.) It's amazing what you can get out of someone over a cup of coffee and eggs.

After thinking about our conversation I realized my dad and I are in a very similar season in our lives even though we are way different in age. I think we both are in the "in-between". The in-between of the season we are finishing up and figuring out what season is next. I know I have struggled with this season a lot. Sometimes, it's hard to understand my purpose for each day. Sometimes I seriously love the season and other times I just get frustrated.

My friend shared a podcast with me after I voiced my concern. It's really hard to sum up- but after listening to it I feel more okay with this season. I need to make each day focused on who God wants me to be, not be concerned about where the next season will take me. And I need to be PATIENT. (gulp.) If you have 30 minutes I encourage you to listen

Between the podcast and conversation with my dad I feel more encouraged about the season I am in. I know that I must be doing something right. It might be a little different then most 21 year-olds but that doesn't make it wrong. I run into a lot of people at work who look at me funny when I explain to them why I moved from Az to Il. Or don't get why I get so excited when I see my dad or why I am not living with my boyfriend. To them, my way of life is different. To me, I feel like it is getting me ready for the next step. But, while I'm getting ready I need to be completely happy with what I have now. It's okay to want the next step, but I just need to trust in the Lord the next season will come.

Other things I was grateful for:
1. Dessert and wine at Coopers Hawk to celebrate Thys' birthday
2. Potbellys lunch between my 2 classes. My heart gets so happy when my favorite men are in the same  room.
3. Chili's shake with MTV (Megan. Thys. Victoria that is).

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