November 24, 2013

1 underlining theme in 2 Comm theories. 

 He listens. 





I've noticed one major theme this semester. I've found it's necessary in all the chapters in life stated above. Confidence. 

I have observed in the past few weeks the importance of being a confident women. Someone who can hold there own, use their nerves for their own good, and someone who believes in them self. I have to- else I know I will be walked on by other's opinions and criticsim. I've learned there are a lot more ways to do life then the way I am doing it. But, that doesn't make my way wrong. If life is unpleasing to God then it's wrong, otherwise I have learned that I need to be confident in how I make a life here in Alsip. 

I've felt doubtful when struggling in class, by fearing cooking, by putting my man through unnecessary stress, through feeling inadequate in prayer. But I've learned the importance of confidence after being tired of feeling low. After a semester of questioning myself. Now, instead of questioning I work to walk taller. I pray a littler harder. I communicate bette with my man. I cook one new recipe off my Pinteret board. I  am encouraged by the people around me. And I actually try and believe in that encouragement. 

I know I have my moments when I just don't know what I'm suppose to be doing. But, I'm thankful for this semester. The time that I thought I was wasting away I was actually discovering a big them in my story. 

"Value your words". Said my professor after my mock interview. Yes, you are right (like always, Dr. Mattson) I need to value what I have to say because it's more important then I give myself credit for. 

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  1. A good reminder and, if we're being honest, something we're all working on in different stages of life.
    Thanks, V!