October 2, 2013

Yesterday may have been one of the hardest days of my life.

Yesterday, the Van Hofwegen family celebrated the life of our grandpa, father, and husband. Through the visitation, burial, and memorial service I realized the impact this man had on his community. People had to stand in the back of the church because there was no more seats left. The two hardest moments included seeing the American flag being handed to Grandma and seeing the Van Hofwegen men carry his casket. Both moments painted a beautiful picture. Seeing the Van Hofwegen men carry their father reminded me of the traditions that still live within these men and their family. The flag reminded me of all his service, to his wife, grandchildren, children, community, and country.

Grandpa was a man of faith. I never doubted his love for the Lord. And any person who meet him would agree he wanted nothing more to have a family who served the Lord. I never realized how much a blessing that was. To have a grandpa so deeply rooted in Christ.

Grandpa also loved coffee. I can't help but think if that is where I got it from. He took it black. I remember when we had him over for dessert once. Pie and coffee was served. He taught me how to carry it so nothing would spill. To this day I still do it. Just don't look at the cup and it won't spill over. Try it. It works every time.

I am thankful I was able to come back to Arizona for the few days. Yes, it's been hard to see people cry, to look at Grandma and not see a tall, blue eyed, dutch man standing next to her, and hug a lot of strangers, but it's been good. Good to be reminded that no matter what is going on in our lives, my family will life to support each other when support is needed most.

So, here is to Grandpa, after 60 years of marriage to my namesake, 24 grandchildren, and his constant devotion to the Lord. I hope I can make him proud through the family I hope to have and my desire to love the Lord in all I do.

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