October 23, 2013

I know I haven't blogged in a while when... "My Dutch Story" is no longer on the Top Sites page of my browser.

Sorry about that. I'll blame the lack of blogging on my Communications Exam (aka Comps). That's probably not a legit reason because the text happened a week ago tomorrow but I need something to blame it on.

Here's a brief update on my life:

  • Went coffee-less for a week. Fun fact: I can do life without coffee, my mornings are just a little blurry! Fun Fact 2: Won't be giving up coffee for life. I enjoy it way to much!
  • Reading a book about introverts... the realization of how much of one I really am. 
  • Email, advertising, planning, and getting excited for the Run for Zane event (Happening Oct. 26-leave a comment if you want more details). 
  • Going on a well-desereved, much needed date with my main man. Beer samples, appetizers, Student Directed 1-Acts, and Froyo. (insert adorable picture of us here). 
  • Working at Express and reminding myself before I go in how much I actually enjoy it there. The late shifts get a little rough sometimes but I know I'm blessed to have a job. 
Can't wait to report back to you about the event. The Run for Zane and Comps are two major tasks in graduating. Can't believe the idea of graduating is becoming more of a reality every day. If you want to know what's next for me-check back in about a month or more. Because at this point, I really have no idea. YIKES!

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