October 28, 2013

Plane thoughts

I wrote the following post on the plane. Therefore, the thoughts are a day old. But, still worth posting:

This weekend was one for the books. Together, 49 runners and 29 walkers raised over $4,700 for Zane. 

It's been a challenge to find the balance between celebrating the success of the event because of Zane's unfortunate situation. Can I really celebrate my own success dependent on the situation? However, I know for certain I can celebrate the smile I got from Zane and his parents. I got to meet him for the first time this weekend. What a cutie! Planning was so rewarding and encouraging. I feel more confident in my desire to be an event planner. Although  a lot of the applause goes out to the participants. They truly made it a success. 

My mother and I ran a duathlon Sunday morning. I can't say I had my mind on it too much, but I think that worked out for the better. We were 2 out of 7 duathlon participants. Best racing decision yet was to bi-pass the tri. Seeing everyone else getting into the pool made me shiver and hurt. I don't wish I did that. We stuck together most of the race and she taught me a few things about biking. A early race morning wouldn't have been complete without breakfast. We met my pops, where he was ever so patiently waiting our (stinky red-faced) arrival. 

Even though this weekend was a lot more work then play- I am so thankful I can end October with a visit home. Waking up before the sun tow of the three days was not the best idea, but it was well worth it. Seeing the supporters, praying with Zane's community, and being with my family refreshed me. I won't deny it, some play happened to! A cold one with the sister started off the weekend. And it ended with dinner with mom at Chelsea's Kitchen (in the airport no less! Side note- if I had to choose what airport to be standard in, it'd be Phoenix SkyHarbor. They have more restaurants then downtown Phx has opened on Sunday afternoon!). 

Just heard the ding- we are descending. Thank goodness. I am ready to get off the plane and more ready for a hug from the man. 

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