August 17, 2013

Wedding number 2 this summer. This time we celebrated the marriage of Aaron's college roommate and friend. 

I always seem to get myself in some sort of adventure. Needless to say, my lesson from last night was to make sure I know exactly where I'm going before I drive to Wisconsin. I got to my friends house at 3pm and the wedding started at 4. Leaving me 25 minutes to get ready. 

I got a few more pointers on being a groomsman's date. (See "Hamstra Wedding" for more). 

First, the better the attitude the more fun you will have. Secondly, embrace all the awkward alone time. Thirdly, get a good memory picture of your man dressed up, not everyday he wears suspenders and a tie. Lastly, be encouraged by the love shown between the married couple. 

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