August 18, 2013

Today's achievements: cooking. 

I'm normally referred to as the baker in the family. Don't really understand when that all started. I have a crazy dream of baking through Miette, a cookbook my mom gave me last Christmas. The book is filled with wonderful looking cakes, delicious cookies, and delicate candies

But, until the time comes, I'm trying to teach myself how to cook. I'm pretty sure any college with the MRS degree would offer a cooking class. Trinity doesn't so I'm frequently asking my mom and Megan (over at to cook for dinner and how to cook a piece of chicken. Chicken folks, pretty sure that is taught in Basic Cooking Class 100. Regardless, standing in the kitchen  knowing I have to prepare a meal for others to feel energized by frightens me. If I were to stand in the kitchen knowing I have to fatten folks up I got no problems (okay, confession that has changed since a gas oven, but that is for another post). 

With that all aside, I did it. I cooked and enjoyed it. I didn't even make my kitchen a fat mess. I had Cajun Shrimp and Rice. Tasted great, and maybe the best part of the meal- was the fact it didn't make me sick. win! 

Maybe next time I'll make this dish for my man or roomies. Gaining a little confidence. Time to share it? One recipe down- lets just hope my future husband likes shrimp. 

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