August 1, 2013

Chicago Project

My final day as a Community Life Coordinator for the Chicago Project. Or, as the YU director said "Victoria, the intern". The Chicago Project gathered youth groups from Canada and the U.S. to serve the Chicago community. 

What an experience these past 5 days have been. I have learned so much, most I would never get out of a text book. Here is a brief list of what I gathered from the week. 

1. Know in ins and outs of the program you are planning for. It makes the work more meaningful. 

2. Be ready to answer any and all questions (even those not concerning your own work) for the volunteers. 

3. The first day of the event will probably be chaotic. 

4. Have efficient and frequent communication with the  planning team. 

5. Don't be afraid to make time for conversation with the people you are serving. 

6. Sleep will be minimal but that's what extra coffee is for. 

7. Listening to 273 youth praise The Lord is a pretty cool sound. 

Morning distribution consisted of packing lunch coolers with sack lunches and filling water jugs. Vans came through before they want to the serve sites and picked up their lunches. 

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