July 17, 2013

Different versions

I have been thinking lately:
A. I am a hostess
B. I am Ms. Victoria (to the kids I nanny)
C. I am an intern
D. I am a roommate
E. I am a sister
F. I am daughter
G. I am a girlfriend

So: while I am working downtown two days of the week all dressed up then the other two days I am playing with kids and getting spit up on, and in between there I get to be a friend to the people around me.

I've been thinking, how does one maintain their true personality in all of those different versions? It is hard to be my full self in a new environment, and if I don't bring my full self to the kids they will notice and be less motivated to have fun. Then, how do I maintain my full self in all these different relationships? If I think real hard on it, I think I can come up with a Communication Theory that talks about communicating on these different relational levels.

I also wonder, are all of these different versions of me letting His light shine through to the max. Even though my personality might be shadowed how do I make sure He never is in each situation?

A lot of questions, but I know that it gives me something to work for. That is, to be completely confident with myself no matter what social event, work space, or relationship I have. I am pretty sure that is going to take a long while... so if my dutch story gets a little boring, check back in 20 years for an update on this goal.

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