July 15, 2013

Hamstra Wedding

Another adventure filled weekend one being: My man was the best man in his brother's wedding. I got to be his date. It was a pleasure to see so much love and support for the newlyweds. 

Although the reception was fun, dinner was good, and the ceremony was pretty, my favorite part was taking four groomsmen to Wendy's for frosty's. yum! 

I would say this wedding provided for some quality awkward conversation time, but also for some good photo opportunities. So, we jumped on that. Enjoy: 

A few tips to being the best man's date: 
1. Bring a purse. There is a good chance you will get handed a bunch of randoms keys or wallets. (Ex. The grooms wallet! What?!) 
2. Have your "game face" on. (For me that means being ready to socialize). 
3. Wear comfy shoes. If your his ride your in it for the long haul. 
4. Be ready to meet a bunch of relatives. 
5. Lastly, be genuinely happy to be there supporting. It could either be a long night or a special evening.  

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