July 6, 2013


It has been a little over a month that I moved into my apartment. Since then, I've realized a few things that I have learned from my mother and sisters.

1. Fresh flowers make the place homey.
2. Cleaning is always worth the time
3. The simple act of putting up blinds makes your home personal.
4. I need Comet
5. Ironing takes time but it rewarding.

It has been an adventure learning how to live in my own place. But, the responsibility of cleaning, paying for it, and taking care of it builds more pride in it.

I can't be more grateful for a place to call my own. It is such a good feeling to come home after a long day of work to my this space. There is still a lot of work to do, like re-do my dresser, wall decorations, and a flower planter. But, those are all the fun things I get to work for.

*side note, I have a huge apartment wish list. If you are ever wondering what would be a good gift for Christmas (months away I know) let me know!

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