August 29, 2013

distracted already

Two days in and I have already laid my head on the library desk in defeat. School. I do. not. like. it.

Why can't I be the person who enjoys learning, does it with diligence and the right attitude. Like for example the lady in front of me. Books, papers, stick notes, sprawled everywhere- with what looks to be a suitcase she brought everything in. You can tell she has been here for a while. And, she seems to be enjoying it. Hello, lady, got any extra motivation to spare?

 Even though I hate it I always feel bad if I don't study. I pretty much have to in order to pass all my classes. Still, though, I wish I could just be excited about the new classes and new teachers. So- here's to the semester. My final semester. Here's to the long nights at the library (currently checking out the Alsip Library, feeling a little out of place), to the confusion in Senior Sem, to the attempts at being interested in Cross-Cultural Psychology (didn't I go to Ecuador for that?), to the possible interest in Cognitive Psychology, to the defeats, achievements, and the curvy road that will lead me to graduation.

If anything you all will benefit. I often use this blog as a distraction from studying. So, more posts are on your way I am sure of that!

1 comment:

  1. You got this sis! Excited for your new semester and all that it will bring!