August 26, 2013

The cliche look back

With the end of summer break in 2 days it's only fitting to do a reflection. So, here you go. 

I knew I wanted to get an internship away from Arizona in December of 2012. I looked in Texas and the east coast. But, I knew I would enjoy being the the Chicago area as well. I prayed pretty hard about it. I had a huge desire to do something with my summer. I didn't want it to go to waste. 

I got handed the Community Life Coordinator position in February. The same month my man and I started dating. I had a good feeling about both opportunities, and jumped on the chance to make my summer memorable. 

Memorable it was. I can't say this summer was the easiest I've been through. It wasn't the hardest thing either. My summer was filled with challenges both in relationships and my faith. It was also a time for me to grow largely in my walk with The Lord. I learned:
1. I can only be comptelety filled with peace and happiness by The Lord. 
2. Sometimes relationships are work, but those people who call you out on your weakness and build you up by pouring time and love into you are the ones to hold on close. (*also, if this person gives you free cooking lessons keep them even closer!) 
3. The Lord really does listen to prayers. 
4. Having the right attitude about work can really make the day better. 
5. Sometimes a friendly hello or good morning can make someone's day.
6. The morning Metra Elextric train crew are some nice people- (seriously though, I might miss these folks). 
7. I'm really proud of my own place and love showing it to others. 
8. The Lord provides. I can honestly say I worried myself sick because I didn't trust in Him to provide for me. 
9. Provides he does. More than I could ask for. 
10. Letters are a beautiful thing. Seriously, try writing one to someone special. You'll notice something different about reading their thoughts in their handwriting. 

I have continually been amazed at the presence of The Lord in my life this summer. Relationships (sister, boyfriend, boyfriend's family, and roommate) all grew deeper. Apt. 11-1D filled with memories, delicious dinners, laughs, tears, and love. I look back on this summer, thankful as ever, that The Lord answered my prayers. 

Finally shout out to my mom and dad. Who pray for me, call me, text me, and read this blog. I couldn't have done this summer without your support. 

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