June 5, 2013

The only way I got through work (don't get me wrong- I love having a job but sitting only 4 people during a 6 hour shifts gets pretty boring) was knowing Megan and I were going to Millennium Park when we were done.

We quickly changed, bought some food from Dominic's, and walked to the park. Yesterday started their movie series. This time it was a weird blue's movie, but because the park is so big we threw around the frisbee. It was so needed afterak up as much as sun that we could. Us Arizonians are missing our tans. I loved being able to watch other be in their little worlds, sit on our yoga mats, and be in conversation with my sister. It was so needed after a long day.

I'm so thankful that I have my sister and best friend around to make this summer great. We both have our men gone right now, so relying on her has been a huge help. I'm thankful that I can be 100% me around her. She has seen me through pretty much every high and low in my life. She's also brought me a pretty awesome brother-in-law. (Happy 3rd anniversary love you both to pieces.)

Enjoy the photos of us being completely weird.

Our go to hair- messy buns. They make every bad hair day better.
Seriously, i love her so much. 
Anyone else notice the lady in the back?
Makes me sad that a park downtown Chicago can have a better garden then me. Some day folks this will happen at my own house. 

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