June 1, 2013

Here's to the three day weekend (and only in the second day of it).

You've been good to me. I needed you. I needed some slow down, normal-ness, baking, cooking, talking walks kind of days. Coffee and conversation on the couch with my roomies started my Saturday. Now, I get to end it on my sister's couch with a lot happier heart then the past few days.

It's the little things that will make the next few weeks go by faster no doubt. I've experienced a whole lots of highs and lows this week. But, I've been reminded The Lord can fill my heart like no one else. (Why it takes my man to leave me to be reminded of that I am not sure- I hate that part of me actually... But, I guess it's better for me to learn it this way then not at all). 
Please keep Aaron in your prayers this week. One down for him. Not sure how it is going but they say the first three are the worst. Thank you. 

Happy June my friends. Happy June.  

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