May 30, 2013

train home

I should be sleeping. Or I should be eating another bowl of cereal. But.. because I just consumed one in less then a minute I should let my body realize what just happened before I make the hike into my bed. Top bunk has its pros and cons. Getting in it at midnight is con no doubt.

Today- well- what was today. It started off rocky. Like, I did not want anything to do with it. But, I am so happy to report back to you saying I feel like I conquered it pretty well. I was overwhelmed by the amount of love I was shown during my train home. The train home was the one thing that was getting me anxious. First, the train at night is way busier at night then during the day- who knew?!- and the transfer wasn't scary. The only sketchy part was walking to my car. But, I had my pepper spray, and the angel the Lord has given to me (thanks mom for the reminder). The whole hour commute I had people texting me seeing how I was doing. I also got to write a letter out to my man. Can't wait to actually send those things out. (Whoever made the rule to not give out their address right away makes me a little annoyed) So- thank you to all those who sent out messages to during my ride home. I can honestly say that my prayers have been answered tonight.

I can also say that I am ending this day on a higher note then it started. I feel like when that happens no matter what the glory goes to God. Like- he can really change things around. Once I just give myself a second to read his words then it seemed like everything got better. Shucks, I wish it didn't take me to half that day for that to happen. Regardless, I am thankful that I am sitting on this vintage brown and flowery printed couch safe, with food in my belly, and feeling loved by people so far away from me.

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