May 27, 2013

Well, here we go. The first 'normal' week is ahead of me. My man left for OCS (officer candidate school). That will be an adjustment no doubt. But, I know that I have my roommate, friends, and sister supporting me. I know I can trust in the Lord to comfort me during the time of transition. There are a lot of new things coming at me this week. Getting more acquainted at work and succeeding at my internship are all things I look forward to. Seeing my good friend on Friday night and learning how to live life in this apartment are all things that will keep me busy.

 A new week is in front of me. There will be challenges no doubt, but I want to be able to report back to you all and say that I rocked it. That I was able to figure out that difficult stuff. But, I need your help. I need your prayers. This whole week and next 6 weeks scares me. But, I cannot live in fear of what is in front of me. Rather, I need to put my hope in the Lord. I know I can trust in him. I just have to do that. That is what I ask of you. To pray that I can trust in the Lord. Also, please be praying for Aaron. Pray that he may have confidence in this opportunity to achieve his dream of being a Marine.

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