May 9, 2013

Reasons why I love Thursday mornings:
1. I know I can sleep in (till 7am).
2. I know Megan doesn't have to work (doesnt effect me at all but I still get excited for her).
3. I get to take my time getting ready
4. I get to spend a little more time with the good Lord than normal.
5. Weight room isn't busy.
Well, only the last two reasons stayed true today. I got up a half an hour earlier and I had to get dressed relatively quickly. All in hopes to get in an hour of studying before classes start. Plus Megan is working today. 

Even so, I got to be in the Lord's presence this morning, and I got to talk to my favorite people starting with the letter A. Unexpected conversations are always a good way to start the day especially when they provide you with laughs. 

Here it goes, I will not let this Theory class bring down my spirits. 

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