May 8, 2013

Another chapter in the books

Last night marked my final Leadership meeting with Student Activities. Another chapter in my dutch story is closed. This chapter brought a lot of challenges. Learning my way through this leadership position was more difficult than I thought it would be. However, I provided me with experience of working on a team, with volunteers, and in a community.

Some highs from the past year of my work on Student Activities:
1. Troll Color Rush. Re-inviting the Troll Trot quickly became something I was passionate about. It did not turn out exactly how I expected it to. But, I had a lot of fun planning a race. Maybe something I could get into in the future.

2. Tuesday's Leadership meetings. Being embraced by a random group of people all working for Trinity's community was a blessing.

3. Golden Troll Awards. I really enjoyed this event because my sub-committee worked really well together.

4. The Popcorn bar at a movie night. I had a lot of fun making the decorations to switch up our normal popcorn snack.

5. As much as I do not like it- being encouraged/needed/forced to talk in front of large groups. It was hard to be stretched in that way but I know it was good for me to come out of my comfort zone in our large group meetings (20+people)

6. Being re-united with one friend and gaining a new one.

I am so blessed to have had this job. It led me to better understanding of the event planning world and provided me with a lot of character building moments.

It also filled my email up daily- making me seem more important than I really am. Confidence booster no doubt.

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