April 8, 2013

Off topic

Ok Lindsay! This one is for you-

Thanks for bugging me to write. But since you did I just want to take this moment to thank you for the person you are. What a blessing it has been to get to know you over this past year. The first time I met you I was so disoriented because it was my first day American ground. Talk about not being prepared. Yikes! I was pretending to know what you were saying but had no idea.

I am so glad that the real Lindsay has come out throughout this semester. Between pulling events together, dealing with stressful times together, and traveling internationally together I have been blessed with some many memories with you. I love the sarcastic humor that comes out, especially when dealing with large groups.

This campus is incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful leader doing her job so well. Your going to make an awesome teacher with your dedication. And no doubt you'll be making the people around you fat with the goodies you bring around so often.

Thanks for teaching me to take life a little less serious. And thanks for the devotions in Large Group Meetings that always seem to hit me hard.

Also if any of my readers need a good laugh head over to Tib 20 the Tumblr account Lindsay and her roommates run

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