March 6, 2013


They say spring comes around in March. By the looks of today I am not sure that is true. Regardless, when I think of spring I think of new. I think of the new buds coming up from the ground, the new smells, and new colors.

If you read my last post you know where this is going. I decided that the theme of this month will new. I am not entirely sure what that entails but I want to focus on the new things that I experience this month. In focusing my attention on the newness I'm hoping it will get me try to new things. Get myself out of any ruts I might form and challenge myself to do something out of the ordinary to create a new experience.

After three classes in a row, a meeting, and a previous library visit I had the night open to solid homework time. I walked myself, through the cold and snow, to the library with intentions to get a paper started (ok lets be real I was shooting to high and wanted to get a rough draft done). I walked up the stairs, realized there was a lot of people in there, and walked right back out. I decided I really did not want to be there. I needed a new scenery.

About 20 minutes later, I placed myself on the couch in my cupcake pjs and Xavier sweatshirt. My decision to leave the library lead me to some solid roommate time. I was in need of her company and I realized she was to. As much as we see each other sometimes solid conversations are missing. It is with those conversations that I really know what is going on in her life. After about an hour of exchanging our thoughts on the new people and events in our lives we decided to make popcorn. Another piece of the Az home making its way into this home. We've been sitting in the living room for about three hours now. I think we are both feeling like we could have done more homework. But I know that we both are okay with the fact that it did not happen. I am filled with laughs and her encouragement rather than the accomplishment of a check mark. Those feelings last a lot longer than any check mark could make me feel.

Normally I wouldn't leave the library like that. I am so glad that I tried something new. I allowed myself to not focus on school and dive into the newness of my roommates life. I'd say it has been a good night.

(Met Lindsay: She is my student boss but also friend. It's been a pleasure getting to know her this semester. It looks like this photo was taken in December but nope it was taken today!)

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