March 1, 2013

loving these moments

I heard today of someone who hated February. O man did that break my heart. I am sad to see my favorite month pass. I'd say this month hits the record books. Turning 21 with half my family and closest friends, building new friendships, and discovering the theme of love has fortified this month with memories. Tomorrow is a new month, my favorite. I love the start of new months. I haven't thought of a new theme yet but suggestions are welcomed.

Before I go on I just want to reflect on my past encounter with this theme. My love of where I am with the moments I'm living.

I was standing in my, somewhat messy, disorganized, living room, downing a cup of water after a hard run. It is then that I realized I have finally come to the point of being ok with being away from home. I have come to the point where I am not afraid to call Trinity home. It has taken me 3 years to be ok with that. I never thought I would. While standing there I realized that I am more at peace with where the Lord is leading me then I have been in a long time. He is leading me to be in the moments at home. He is leading me to be content with sink full of dishes because they provide a way to serve my roomies.

This week I started to listen to worship music when I run. What a better way to start my day. Now I start my days in those 40 or so minutes asking the Lord to lead the way. I ask him for more reliance on him throughout the day. I definitely did not do that a couple times this week. I decided to take things in my own hands and well that did not work out the best for me. Instead of putting my hope in Him I decided to worry. Ya'll know where worry leads me- a heavy heart. I have realized what a difference it makes to start my day with Him during my runs.

I finally broke my gaze from the window and conquered the dishes in the sink while listening to worship music with Abby. It is in those moments that I know the Lord is showing his love to me. I can feel it because of the contentment I have of being 1,000 of miles away from Arizona but feeling like I am at home.

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