February 24, 2013

HIS Love

I have been praying and (let's be real worrying) about getting an internship for quite some time now. I need one this summer in order to graduate early. I have spent over 10 hours writing cover letters and re-working my resume to fit specific company's needs. I thought of all of the possibilities; living in Texas, maybe Maryland, or staying home.

Last Friday I had a very brief conversation with the Director of Admissions on campus. He knew I needed an internship. In  that 10 minute conversation I was overwhelmed with the limited information I got. We met Wednesday and worked out more details about Youth Unlimited's summer camp coming to campus. I would be planning activities for the students to do after they come back from their serve trip.

I am not going to lie, I was really overwhelmed with the decision of whether or not to take the internship. After some reflection I realized this is only happening because of the Lord's love. I knew that this opportunity landing in my lap wouldn't be without the Lord's listening ear. I sometimes forget how well He does listen. I know that is something I've got to work on. He has shown his providence in my life before but I still doubt HIS abilities. During my time of reflection and talking through it I know that I should be in the Chicago area during the summer. The Lord's love for me has shown that he will always take care of me-no matter if I am doubting him. He proves over and over that I have no reason to.

Conversations about living situations are in the works as well. This week was pretty big for me. Getting an internship for almost all college students is a big deal. Mine was given to me; no resume, no cover letter, all the Lord working his will in my life.

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