February 18, 2013

Simple actions

I'm sitting in Panera avoiding the Research Methods in Psychology textbook and Basic Research Skills  syllabus.  I can't help but observe the people surrounding me.

I've been here for a good hour and half and a lot of new faces have come and gone. I always wonder what kind of relationships those faces with each other.

Example A. The two gentleman at about 12 o'clock. I've managed to get a lot of awkward eye contact with the guy facing towards me. His arms folded across his chest, he is balding, and both men look to be in their sixties. Why are they here? Why are they dressed up so nice? Are they only in dialogue with each other because of work? Or have they been friends since the 3rd grade?

Example B. The couple about 2 o'clock from me. She is wearing a cute blouse, with bangs, and straight hair; clearly trying to make an impression or coming from somewhere that requires pulling yourself together. I can't see their hands so it makes me wonder: dating relationship? marriage? brother/sister duo? easy conversation is defiantly between them.

Example C. The women about 3 o'clock. She is alone, pen in hand, working on some papers. Loneliness does not seem to be there but what brought her to Panera today? Was alone time needed? Was the empty house to much to handle? Or is she just trying to be productive while her husband takes care of dinner for tonight?

I don't know why I find observing people so interesting. But I can't help but think of the love that all of these people have in their lives. The simple action of getting dinner together can really show a lot about people. It makes me wonder what I've done to show my love to others lately. Have I taken enough time to do a simple action to show such a powerful thing?

2 weeks remain of this love month. Try it. Eat dinner with someone you love but normally wouldn't commune with.

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