February 15, 2013


Valentines Day. The dreaded day for some. The highly anticipated one for others. And for some; its just another day. I've been in all three categorizes in my life, but this year I got to be in the 'highly anticipated group'. Sarah, check her blog out at http://sjongetjes.wordpress.com, and I decided that instead of hating the single awareness day we should accept in for all that it means: LOVE. What better way to bask in the love around us then with the friends who see us in our highest highs and our lowest lows. We put a solid 2 hours in a Starbucks planning (something we both love) the event, then mini spice bottles were delivered to our friends' mailboxes, and spent a quick 30 minutes at the grocery store today. Planning simple yet meaningful event is something that really makes me happy... (future job?...)

It wasn't until tonight, while I was seated on the floor, with a hot cup of coffee in my hand, that I finally realizes I had a 'group'. That I finally found women of God that I know will be there for me when I need to fall apart, when I need to vent, or when I need to pig out. I realized that I have not given the credit they deserve for being my friends. As I looked around the room I saw happiness as we shared the details about our days. Such a simple "how was your day" can really be a meaningful thing if time is abundant. This group of girls are pursing after God's heart just as much as I am. In the midst of school work, currier editing, R.Aing, ministry leading, teacher tiding, running, and leading business groups we can still come together over Chex Mix and punch to reflect on all the goodness going on around us.

Happy Valentines Day ya'll. I hope your sweatheart treated you well today. I hope you treated yourself to an extra piece of candy. I hope you LOVED on someone today.

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