February 13, 2013

Missing this girl

Some friendships just take you by surprise. Today, it was by my beautiful cousin Angel. I know that I have written about her on this blog before, but still I just want to express my love for her. She is only 17 but the things she says to me blows me away. I love that she is always willingly to talk (ok let's be real- text!) at any point of the day. She makes me laugh with her witty comments, eat out stomachs out together, and then regret it together. Sometimes, I just need advice from people not on Trinity's campus. Good-ol Angel helped me out today. What a blessing it was to have her to lean on. She is a pretty amazing swimmer, sister, and cousin. If you see her in the AZ sometime give her a hug for me.

(oldie but a goodie!)

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