February 11, 2013

21 and love

An endless amount of love has been shown on my birthday. First, my mother comes last weekend to celebrate with me doing nothing in particular other than getting a mattress pad (which I am laying on right now and ever so thankful) and getting a nutribullet. The random stop in the Alder Planetarium was also a great surprise.

This Saturday,
a delicious breakfast was had with Lette. Even at 8:30am this girl never fails to come with some advice and great conversation. Next, Megan and James decide to shower me with more love by giving my friends and I a place to celebrate. Being in their home where love is alway found between them, and having my friends in the place where I escape to every Sunday, was a blessing and SO MUCH FUN. So much food and fun drinks were consumed. All my friends (and still me after all these years) were blown away by Megan's skills in the kitchen. James did a great job D.j.ing for a dance party. I couldn't have asked for a better 21st birthday party. Sarah took me out to the hippest restaurant in Palos Heights called Harvest Room where we enjoyed fresh salads and weird conversations with the server. I am so thankful for our new friendship in the few months. Finally, my day was topped with a little drink at At The Office (actual restaurant name) by my sweet friends.

In between those events other blessings of family phone calls, receiving flowers, and reading texts were enjoyed. I am overwhelmed by the love I have been given by my family and friends.

Thank you to everyone for making it special.

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