February 10, 2013

Those moments

Ever have those days when something feels off but everything should be great? Well I had one of those days this past week. And it's on those days that the blessing of friendship is highlighted.

I don't often like admit that I need help. I especially don't like help when I need help fixing a crappy attitude. I think living in the dorms for 3 years has made me realize that it is ok to utilize your friends. It's ok to ask for prayer randomly in the day. It's ok to vent to someone for hot minute. It's ok to be super vulnerable about the struggle of the days. Getting used to 'being ok' with that has taken some time. I think that actually asking for help makes you see how deep your friendships run. It's in the moments of my bad attitude that's friends aren't afraid to call me out on it and snap me back into reality. It's in those moments that I realize I have some of the best friends around.

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