March 7, 2013

I tried something new today in GEMS. I have been wanting to understand the personalities of my girls. In the last month I realized they did not know my name. It made me really sad to realize that but, it made me want to try harder. Even though this is such a small triumph in the day I am thankful for it. I got my girls to open up to me. Granted, they are second graders, but there is a lot going on in their minds.

Instead of awkwardly sitting at the 2 large tables I decided I needed to become at the same level as them. I needed to act like they were my niece and nephew. Which meant I needed to be on the floor with them. Teaching is not my thing (shout out to all the teachers in my life, you guys rock) so I needed to go into tonight without that mindset. We read through the SHINE magazine. SHINE is GEMS' adorable 10 page magazine with short stories, personality quizzes etc. Tonight- we learned about the stars. We also took the personality quiz. It quizzed us on what kind of start- movie star, athletic star, or rock star- we are.

Turns out, I have two movie stars and 1 athletic star. Ok lie 1.5 athletic stars because 2 girls are cousins and if 1 girl wants a blue paper the other girls wants a blue paper (see where I am going with that). Still I got that much closer to getting to know my girls. Why did I not think about sitting on the floor earlier?

Super small newness- I age a Twizzler and I liked it. Me eating candy out of the blue is super strange but it was kind of fun! My girls- they were all about those things.

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