March 14, 2013

I've been thinking. I'm not very good at this whole new thing. But let's see:

 I took a mid-day walk. That has not happen since, well, last semester.
I met with a friend for our Wednesday lunch that is going to be a part of our routine.
I took a two hour nap because when you have a cold that is all you want to do. I allowed myself one day to not have it all together. But having a cold the week before Spring Break is not ideal, so today, I have decided I need to ignore the head ache, running nose, and heavy chest, and pull myself together. Maybe I can fake myself into feeling decent.

I need to switch things up. I need to just sit and enjoy the moments I have with people a little bit. Today's devotions was on doing the things that are saved for special days. Instead of saying "some day we are going to do this or that" I want to actually do it. That was pretty good timing. Thanks Charles Swindoil. I'd say being a little more spontaneous would definitely switch things up. The next time I post I hope I can report an adventure.

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