March 19, 2013

There is always a sense of normal-ness when I come home. I always know what to expect but there is always something new in those expectations.

I knew that there would be breakfast out on Saturday, but never knew a four hour nap would follow that.
I knew that there would be some me watching my mom tear it up in the kitchen time, but never expected my mom to encourage some Mexican coffee.
I knew I would enjoy watching my mom, but didn't realize how much I missed sitting in the kitchen with her.
I knew that we would go to church, but didn't expect a visit to my favorite lunch spot, Luci's.
I knew that I would get to see my nieces, but didn't know she would say 'hi' or have the other one convince me to swim with her. (in march folks, that is cold stuff).
I knew that I would get a visit with Sarah, but I didn't think it would feel so normal to have two of my worlds collide.

While I enjoy the newness in these little moments I know that some things do not have to be new. I am glad that some things at home don't change because I always feel more grounded after my visit.

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