October 26, 2012

The B Word




I cannot stand that word. But if you ask any college student how they are doing it will be the first word out of their mouth. It is difficult for me to not respond with that answer because I feel like it comes with a negative connotation. I have always thought that being busy means being stressed, being without enough time of the day, and being wrapped up in stuff without the ability to enjoy life. 

My Student Activities president shared a devotion with the leadership team last Tuesday. It hit me right in the gut. The devotion talked about being busy. I will share a small expert of it:

"Being busy is not a sin. Jesus was busy. Paul was busy. Peter was busy. Nothing of significance is achieved without effort and hard work and weariness. Being busy, in and of itself, is not a sin. But being busy in an endless pursuit of things that leave us empty and hollow and broken inside -- that cannot be pleasing to God."  (Grace for the Moment)

After reading this I have a better idea about what being busy should mean. Instead of thinking it has a negative connotation I need to be reminded that Jesus was busy. He was busy doing things for God. Now, I try to look at the things I am doing and reflect on whether or not they are filling my days with the pursuit of God. I try to look at the things I am doing and put my effort into the knowing they have potential to glorify God. Then, I try to be O.K.with the word "busy". 

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