November 1, 2012

Happy November!

For some reason this week ended up being really hectic for my academics  It was probably worse than my mid-term week. I had two tests (math and chemistry ugh) and one presentation. Thankfully, I was had to present on myself and event planning so I didn't have to stress to much about the presentation. But the math and chemistry kicked my butt. Regardless, my brain was fried after today and this week. But I am done! Even though it is only Thursday I am thankful because I am able to relax like it is a Friday afternoon.

I'm sitting at the Corner Bakery writing this blog post. I took my homemade banana bread (which came in a care package of goodies from my mom) and homework and headed for some time-out. I have been able to complete one writing assignment and am able to do some quality people watching and listen to country music.

My  heart is content. It is November which means Thanksgiving dinner in the caf (for some reason it holds special memories), going home, cute turkey crafts, and family birthdays. Its a new month. The planner is starting off fresh again. New goals can be met and new challenges will be faced. I am always rejuvenated when the first rolls around. I have hopes for this month and its starting off pretty good with a free cup of joe from the cashier guy.

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