October 12, 2012

A little vacation

Vacations are needed sometimes. And that's exactly what I got yesterday.

My friends and I headed to Grand Rapids, Michigan (which is pretty famous if you go to Trinity). We arrived at my roommates Cassie's house in time for a home made pot roast and potato dinner. We enjoyed some down time in front of the T.V. and got ready for the Back Forty Saloon. Yup, that's right our sole purpose of going to Grand Rapids was to go line dancing. This place was a lot more classy then D.C.'s but it was nice not coming out smelling like smoke or beer.

What made this line dancing trip even more fun was that Ashley who I became really good friends with while in Ecuador lives in Grand Rapids. She met me at the 'saloon' and I was overcome with memories of past semester and the joy of seeing her beautiful face.

I also really liked this short trip because I could see more fall trees and go for a drive in my p.j.s without having to overlook my homework books. I know they will be sitting there waiting for me to open them when I get back. But I have 1.5 hours left of this drive back to Trin land. I plan on continuing my act of pretending I don't have anything else better to do then take random trips.

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