October 10, 2012

That was a rush

When I have an idea planted in my head I normally don't stop pursing the idea until it becomes reality.

I found myself two weeks out from Homecoming Weekend at Trinity with the small idea to re-do the normal Troll Trot 5k. Student Activities bounced some ideas around and came up with the Color Rush. Which was a spin off of the "color runs" that have been making running more trendy lately.

Planning an event in 2 weeks should never happen. Especially when you decide to do something new, something big, and something that could make you fail miserably. O and something that requires ordering 100 of pounds of powder from India.

My good friend Sarah worked alongside me, my boss, and a few other 'big deal' groups on campus to pull off this event. My life was consumed with meetings, meetings, and meetings. Then with the time left over I had to get in 15 credits of homework. The week before I came down with a cold, but was continually excited about the possible outcome that could arise.

Our powder (which is thrown at people to make them more colorful during the run) got stuck in customs in India, which meant my team and awesome random students made 400 pounds of colored corn starch by hand. Not going to lie; there is something communal about dying corn starch that makes a person feel connected...

Thankfully the first ever Color Rush was a hit. We had 135 runners go through campus enduring the cold with bagels and bananas waiting for them at the finish line. They weren't as colorful as we hoped but that only means there is room for improvement for next year. I have heard some great feedback from the runners this week. This event defiantly was a success.

It is only to God's glory that we were able to pull this event off. I learned that continually being challenged in leadership isn't always a bad thing. And I have learned that sometimes the details just work themselves out.

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  1. so cool victoria! i totally would have done the color rush if they had them when i was at trinity! keep up the good ideas!