September 11, 2012

Number 3

I am coming off a great weekend. Another half marathon in the books with my best time, some great food, and quality time with my sisters and mom. Not to mention being able to wake up to downtown Chicago for 2  days. I am so blessed. 
I seriously have the best friends. They came and watched me (and 2 other Trinity girls) run. 

 I'd say we clean up well. I really like the colorful shirts against the white hotel room. Not planned at all. 

Random highlights:
1. Waiting with my sister Kay (in the green shirt) in my car in a 'No Parking Zone' while my sister Megan (in the pink shirt) and mom got their nails painted.
2. Getting dressed up; and having the pleasure of having adequate time to do so with a little flatbread in the room.
3. Running almost the whole race with Kay and mom
4. Seeing my friends at mile 12
5. Discovering Jam and Honey (a cute little breakfast place) with Megan
6. Supporting my mom while she is completing her half marathon goal.
7. Finishing my 3rd half marathon in 1 year

1 comment:

  1. yay i love the highlights. lets start planning for the hot chocolate run!