September 7, 2012


I have a conflict. And I am pretty sure that every college student has this conflict. The cafeteria. Yup, that place where as much as you try to avoid it you just can't. The place where you come out of smelling like the food. The place that charges you $7.50 for one meal. That place that can often be overwhelming. But odley enough, its still that place where friendships grow, community is built and bellies become bloated...

I know it is kind of a silly thing to write about. But if you know me, you know how much of a sensitive stomach I have, and how I like to put "healthy" things into my body (which is often because I can't handle anything else). So, I thought it would be a good idea to challenge myself in only eating on the 8 meal plan (which means 8 meals in the caf or Bootsma Cafe a week). If you do the math right you realize that isn't enough lunches and dinners provided a week. So, I am taking it to myself to create some sort of yummy food in my small kitchen-et with no stove.

I am both excited and a little nervous for this challenge. I do not want my half marathon training to go to waste because of the nutrition-less $7.50 pasta that is served on weekdays. I want to become a student that truly has been able to conquer the caf, while avoiding the dessert table that is conveniently located by the fruit stand; on the way out of the building.

Please send me some ideas for simple foods that I can create in my room. I know their are a lot of mom's out there reading this so help a young and currently starving college girl out.


  1. It might help if you would list the kinds of food you can't eat, and what you have to work with such as a microwave, a crockpot...? I'm not sure if you like soup or stews, but those are really easy to do in a small crockpot and it would probably be really good during the winter! :o)

  2. I second the crockpot idea! Kristen did it all the time! we can try out some recipes at my house to.